Friday, March 26, 2010

This is SuperStory, where fishes drown or even die of thirst - #lightupnigeria

Scene 1:

MD of ABC Generator Producing and Importing Company is sitting and watching the news. The Headline reads: “New Minister of Power vows to bring an end to the pain of Millions of Nigerians by solving the ailing Power Sector”, they go on to show him speaking as he outlines the steps he’s going to take and states timelines while also giving the progress report on what is already being done.
“Ha!” the MD says to himself, “If this problem is solved and there is constant power supply, I’m out of business. Generators are all I know to produce and sell; I have no idea or interest in other trades. I must act fast to stop this just as I have done in the past, I can’t let this happen”. He picks up his phone to make a call.

Scene 2:

In an undisclosed location, 3 men are standing and are discussing. Each is a representative of the following:
(i) MD of ABC Generator Company
(ii) MD of XYZ Bank
(iii) Minister of Power

For obvious reasons the three people in this transactions must not be seen together so all discussions will be handled by these middlemen. And the discussion is: MD of ABC Coy will pay “X” amount of money to Minister of Power and Steel monthly. Reason? To keep the “Generator” business running, all plans to provide power supply has to be stopped and to do that certain people have to be “taken care of”. This whole transaction has to be taken care of by Bank MD; he is to make sure the wire transfers cannot be traced. End result is: Power supply keeps deteriorating and people continue buying generator sets and MD of ABC Coy stays in business, Minister of Power and Steel is considered a failure by his people but the payments would cushion the effect and take care of him and his needs.

Date of each transfer is agreed upon and everyone swears to secrecy understanding what is at stake. Each one will disown the other if the word leaks out.

Scene 3:

A group of young Nigerians, tired of the incessant failure of the government to deliver on the promises made in every sector of the economy but with emphasis now on the Power Sector, take to the streets of the internet to voice their frustrations and with this use of technology they seek to make the term #lightupnigeria trend on a tool called “TWITTER” thus bringing the world’s attention to the situation and somewhat seek to force the hands of the government to do something about this

Scene 4:

A young pretty lady working at XYZ bank is made the Account Manager of ABC Company; she is put in charge of all transactions of the company and is told to hold confidential all matters pertaining to any transactions. She meets her targets quarterly and is paid huge commissions based on her performance. Back at home in the estate where she lives there has been no light for 9months and counting. No one had been able to explain what the situation is, at first the transformer was said to be faulty, it was replaced but the situation did not improve. She buys an ABC generator and keeps spending most of her salary and commissions on fuel and maintaining the generator. (Our young Sisi does not make the connection)

Scene 5:

A man is standing outside the delivery room of a hospital. His wife is in labor but the doctor says she is having complications and has to be operated upon. The hospital is running on ABC generator because they can’t rely on the power supply from PHCN (NEPA). For an unforeseen reason the generator shuts down, something just went wrong and the technicians rush to see that it is repaired. The doctors in the operating room are doing all they can to keep her stable till the fault with the generator is corrected. Hour’s pass and still they can’t find the fault with the generator. The woman is losing blood; the generator refuses to come on. The baby is lost. The woman dies. The man wails uncontrollably, he cannot be comforted. He returns home and sleeps in his tears. By 9:00am the next morning he is awakened by an alert on his phone. A certain account of his was credited with a certain amount of money from a certain contact for a certain reason as always by this time of every month. Our man is the middleman for “Minister of Power”. (Our middleman now widower does not make the connection, he’s sold the soul of wife and son for that alert on his phone)

Back to Scene 3:

Our young patriotic hearts keep the flag flying high on the streets of the internet. Joined by others daily, home and abroad they seek to make #lightupnigeria trend still. It still doesn’t, why? (That’s another SuperStory for another time)

Some of us think that to really #LightUpNigeria we need to:

- Find out who is involved with the whole sabotage of the Power Sector

- Trace the wire transfers obviously going on

- Publish these transactions to expose these evil hearts and cause unrest…

…or … keep crediting our phones and tweeting away, make t-shirts with the word #lightupnigeria written on it creating business opportunities for people, make hand bands and all sorts of fun things around this term, even organize concerts around it giving us more reason to party and dance away our sorrows (which stares us straight in the face the morning after)…..

Now who wants to #LIGHTUPNIGERIA????????

DISCLAIMER: uuhhmmm, can I disclain my head? Naaaaa.... THERE IS NONE!!!!!

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