Friday, March 26, 2010


Could all these Super hero action stories be try'na tell us something?

Yeah yeah, call me crazy or extreme but watevaaaaa, I’m still gonna write wats in my head now…

I’m watching the series “Heroes” now, just started Season 1 (Yes, I know you’re watching Season (x) now but like the adage says, it’s when you wake up that is your morning) and I paused it to write this because loads of thoughts are going through my mind and I just thought it best to write them down as they come.

I’ve been listening to a sermon series in church on “Christ consciousness” where my pastor has been explaining to us on what it really means to be a Christian, being aware of who you are and what you are. Who is Christ? What is Christ? He goes on to say the who – Jesus and the what – the Church.

Chiiiilll, I’ll tell you where HEROES comes in, lol

Now the first Christians did not call themselves Christians, they were called Christians by others who saw them TALK and ACT like Jesus. They spoke with authority, did miracles just like Jesus.

Ooooookkkk, how does all this connect to HEROES and every other Super-hero character we know?

The series starts with each character noticing something different about them and trying to find out what it was. It drove some to want to commit suicide cos they didn’t understand what was happening to them or why it was happening to them but as they searched for answers they began to realize their reason for being here.

Note the path to them coming to their full potential –

- They asked questions – desire to know what this whole EXISTENCE is about, who I am? Why am I here?

- They searched for answers – you have to take out time to search the scriptures to KNOW WHO you are and WHY you are here

- There was someone to guide them through – we have the bible that tells us who we are

SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND - you don’t seek, you don’t find

When Jesus was on earth he wasn’t just here as GOD, he was here as a MAN cos that was the only way he could be the PERFECT SACRIFICE (no ojoro – cheating…hehe), but he didn’t have the NATURE of MAN, he had the NATURE of GOD (that is what happens to you when you become BORN AGAIN, you take on the nature of GOD cos that is the only way you can overcome), so he was 100% man and 100% God. He came to prove that we too could be 100% Man and 100% God by him coming to live in us.

He was conscious of who he was and what he could do with who he was, so he turned water into wine, healed the sick, raised the dead, WALKED ON WATER and so on. Point being, HE KNEW WHO HE WAS.

NOTHING extraordinary can happen through until you DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE.

We have the life of CHRIST in us, what does this mean to you? Is it just a religious saying?

Hollywood script writers seem to know better about this SUPER NATURE than the Christians do, the bible says that the earnest expectation waits for the manifestation of the SONS OF GOD, earth is waiting for Christians to come to their FULL potential.

Do you know that rapture won’t happen until the CHURCH (The Body of Christ) comes to full maturity? Jesus is not coming back for a mediocre or weak minded Church, he is coming back for people who have activated the power within them and done mighty things on earth with the power of God deposited in them when they received Christ into their spirits. Remember he said – these signs shall follow those who believe, they shall speak in new tongues, cast out devils, heal the sick, if they eat any deadly thing it won’t harm them. So its automatic, if I believe then I can do the EXTRAORDINARY.

Ok, ok, another thing the HEROES learnt was that there is no selfishness with the POWERS (lol), it has to be used for the good of mankind and that is the WHY AM I HERE part, so don’t go thinking to rob a bank like THE TRANSPORTER, lol.

Let’s take a look at some of the things Jesus did when he was here AS A MAN and it will give you an idea of WHAT YOU CAN DO

- Turned water into wine

- Multiplied fish and bread to feed thousands

- He opened blind eyes

- Took coin from a fish’s mouth to pay his tax

- Walked on water

- Told Peter to go back to the water where he had fished and got nothing and at his word Peter went back there and needed help to bring in the catch


Now think back on all the things YOU can do with the LIFE OF CHRIST in you

Think of the many hungry people you wished you could feed?

Think of that blind friend you wished could see?

Think of the homeless children you wish you could make their lives better.

Think of that sick person you know and wished you could do more for than just say sorry?

Think of that person who died and you knew they shouldn’t have, they were so young, they could have lived and brought joy to this world.

Think of the day you saw someone getting robbed but couldn’t do anything cos you where scared the robber had a gun and you know what bullets do to humans right? Lol, now imagine if you realized that NOTHING COULD HURT YOU, what would you do the next time you saw something like that happening?

Think of the many ways you could affect humanity for the better if only you could overcome those limitations?


You can actually cause that change u so earnestly desire?

The life of Christ in me, what does this mean?

So just like in HEROES, you can join me on this journey of discovery; it would be a journey of seemingly ordinary people discovering we have extraordinary abilities

Cos' I'm thinking, hmmmmm, SuperMAYNE or what?

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