Friday, December 10, 2010

Why 'SHOULD' I get married?

They say the first step to getting a solution is first realizing that you need help.

So this is me saying I NEED HELP!!!

Help in what way?

I've lost my faith in marriage. I don't believe in it anymore.

Besides it being an avenue for *Legal Sex* (you know how God says not to do that thing until you are married... eheeen *shines teeth*) and splitting my bills into two (grins), I can't think of any other non-selfish reason why I should get married.

Even though I've lost my faith in it, something in me knows there has to be a good reason to get married, a fulfilling one.

So here I am, asking you my MARRIED AND FULFILLED friends to please drop a note below telling me something good/positive about this thing called marriage you have gotten yourself into.

No negatives please, trust me, I have a trailer-load of those ones,… there has to be something good about Marriage and I'm on a quest to find it and wet my *EXTREMELY DRY* taste buds.

I don't want any single person to tell me what they ‘THINK’ it is, I want those who are IN IT to do the talking here… (we 'Singles' go yarn our own for anoda blog abeg *winks*)

Please don't preach to me, you would be wasting your time. I'm trying to be practical here so tell me something practical please and no fairytales too.

*fingers crossed* I pray all hope is not lost....

Let's go…… ...