Friday, December 10, 2010

Why 'SHOULD' I get married?

They say the first step to getting a solution is first realizing that you need help.

So this is me saying I NEED HELP!!!

Help in what way?

I've lost my faith in marriage. I don't believe in it anymore.

Besides it being an avenue for *Legal Sex* (you know how God says not to do that thing until you are married... eheeen *shines teeth*) and splitting my bills into two (grins), I can't think of any other non-selfish reason why I should get married.

Even though I've lost my faith in it, something in me knows there has to be a good reason to get married, a fulfilling one.

So here I am, asking you my MARRIED AND FULFILLED friends to please drop a note below telling me something good/positive about this thing called marriage you have gotten yourself into.

No negatives please, trust me, I have a trailer-load of those ones,… there has to be something good about Marriage and I'm on a quest to find it and wet my *EXTREMELY DRY* taste buds.

I don't want any single person to tell me what they ‘THINK’ it is, I want those who are IN IT to do the talking here… (we 'Singles' go yarn our own for anoda blog abeg *winks*)

Please don't preach to me, you would be wasting your time. I'm trying to be practical here so tell me something practical please and no fairytales too.

*fingers crossed* I pray all hope is not lost....

Let's go…… ...


  1. why are you discriminating against us single folks naw.

    *carries my comment to one side*

  2. @Jayla hehehehhehehehehe, carry your comment jor... wetin u know... u don marry?

    Let those inside tell us what is good there jor *sticks tongue out*

  3. apart from sex and having warm body at night? hehehehehehehe u go wait, grow bear-bear sef.

    I do not know what answers u seek but i hope u find it. *carries my popcorn elsewhere*

  4. Basically it's for companionship for now and your later years. Also as they say two heads are better than one ... Marriage brings a form of security to ur life.
    Financial security: just in case the unexpected happens like job loss, what's the back up plan
    Emotional Security: You don't have to be alone, you have someone to call on when u are down and who ALWAYS has your back.
    Sexual Security: you know what I mean
    Also if you are thinking of raising children, the ideal way is through marriage. No child wants to be raised up under a single parent. Note I said raising children not having children.Goodluck - edgal

  5. Jayla, I go break those ur sticks u call legs if u waka come here again o *side eye, nose, ear*

    Anyway... someone shared this link as a response:

    Why should I get married? It's just a piece of paper ----

  6. Genesis 2:18 "And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

    What marriage is:
    Marriage is the master plan for a joining with the person who will help you accomplish the purpose for which you were created- a helpmate.

    That's why we keep searching for that companion who will walk with us in this life. It is a natural thing to long for someone such as this.

    The Big Problem:
    If you noticed, I put a word in bold in that scripture above (Genesis 2:18). The big problem is that many marriages fall into confusion and dissatisfaction because the couple involved were never 'comparable' in the first place. Their views were not aligned, their goals were not synchronized, their beliefs were not the same, and therefore their way of living (or lifestyle of worship) can never be the same.

    Marriage is not a mix-or-match affair, it is a very serious deal. It's the real deal. And until you find someone "comparable" to you, there's no need to go where God has not called you to go.

    Marriage is Not Perfect:
    As long as we remain imperfect people, a marriage will always be made up of two people striving for perfection and daily taking up the grace of God (which God has given to us), and using the blood of the lamb to overcome every trial. Marriage, if the couple is 'comparable' (that word again), will definitely work out for the best.

    The other word in bold in the scripture above is 'loneliness.' When a man or woman remains single for the rest of their lives, having no one to share intimacy with (and not just in sex, but even in deeper things than sex, things you won't necessarily tell anybody else except your closest confidant), then of course it is very obvious that the person in context would live a miserable life.

    The Exception:
    The exception are those outliers who have knowingly gone into a life of dedication and commitment to God only, and not any other man. Take the apostle Paul for instance, who said in 1 Corinthians 7:7-8, "I wish that all men were even as myself...but if they cannot exercise self-control, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion."

    (Excuse the longevity of this comment, lol).

  7. Jaycee dear, this is a long matter so it required the long response you gave it... :)

    So in essence, the major thing about Marriage is that it was created by God to fulfill a purpose. To fulfill this purpose, Marriage has to be done 'God's' way or the two parties involved will have a frustrating time together.

    Best thing is to go back to the 'Marriage manual' from the inventor when you encounter hitches.

    Abi Jaycee?

  8. Yup, the best thing is to always go back to the inventor of the marriage manual. After typing my response yesterday, I thought of more things that I forgot to add...such as the physical anatomy of a man compared to that of a woman (the matching lock & key design). Marriage is truly a divine orchestration.

    Cheers to understanding it more, Maynezee :)

  9. I pray your faith in marriage is restored. :-)

  10. Honey, I asked the same question all my 'matured' life. one thing i gotto understand is if you wanna love, go on and don't ask questions but don't be naive. God is love, You can't explain or analyse them.
    Urs *winks*

  11. Having someone you can always pour your heart out to, someone that you know is your person and who will always be there for you.

    Life partnership in the real sense. Husband and wife can help each other achieve their life's goals. Married couples make formidable business/ministry partners.

    What about procreation? Marriage is still the only accepted means of bringing little ones into earth. Don't you wanna have lovely kids like mine?