Friday, March 26, 2010

FADA in Heaven, wat are be dis one?

My people, make una helep me see psycho's for FB.

Someone added me on FB and I didn't know who d person was, I simply asked for a likkle bit of introduction and dis is what urs truly got

Mayne Jaci: First thing dat came to my mind wen I saw ur friend request was Y? so tell me, Y?

MuMu 1: I will like to get to know more of you but first I will like to describe myself! It is very hard to describe myself because we see only one side of us and usually the best one I think so. I am usual man with a lot of dreams. I am not looking for Mrs Perfect or a millionaire. I am not searching easy life either because life is never easy I know, I am not interested in pen pals and game-players. I need someone who is tired of being alone, someone who wants to love and to be loved. Someone who knows how to treat a man, a true gentle woman. Someone who is not afraid of an attractive man. Someone who knows what she wants. Someone who does not want to settle for the less and always looks for more. Someone who loves kissing and cuddling. Someone who loves a warm bed and a sexy man in it. What I'm seeking for? a long term relationship that could lead to good life, someone that could bring out the best in me, someone that I can trust, a woman that will listen to me when I need her, a woman i can give my heart to, someone honest, someone that will not lie to me, someone that will be there, for me when I need her, someone that we would both appreciate our high moral standards, respect ourselves the way we respect our self's.
Someone that would love me as if each day is our last day together and that would be by my sides as if each day is our last day ..together.Am.. looking for someone to love as well, Capture my heart. Someone kind and affectionate, fun and optimistic, motivated and active. A real person, who likes themselves and is comfortable, with who they are, even if not where they are. Someone who can keep up with me, challenge me and inspire me. And who is intelligent, has ideas, may be creative and has needs and/or expectations to be fullfilled.I'm looking for my soul mate to share life?s dreams with, someone who still believes in romance,fun,and is a true gentlewomen at heart. But i find it difficult to get someone that will be able to capture my heart, win my heart. A women that will wipe off my tears and sorrows for ever. A women that will be able to bring me back on my feet A women that will be able to bring out my precious gold, that has been threw into ocean. Because my life is full of tragedy. Am going through a hard problem right now. I went through your profile againand found out that you are better for me and I found out that we are compatible, the only missing .and would like you to introduce yourself in message,and you can add me on yahoo messenger or so that we can chat more better or

d guy sounds in need though, in need of true luurrrrrrvvvvvv, d kind that only Barry (although Luther could too before...) can explain in his wonderful songs

So if anyone can help him, please dp, cos I cant fit to do anitin for dis fela


derz moooorrree....

Mayne Jaci: thanks for the thesis, but, I'll read it next year

MuMu 1: really really still like you, and as I could see , you are soooo preTTY
I would love to stay in touch and become real good friends, and who knows one day if we meet again, maybe even more?
We will see, its up to you!

So here is my little description for the end:

I live in the capital city of UAE Dubai schooling at the American Uinversity In The Emirates, I am a cheer giver, I am a very artistic personand I am trying hard in my live, and hopefully I will end up in the law business one day!I like to keep myself fit and its important for me too look good.

If you give me the chance to prove it (give us a chance) I will show you that I am a caring person, sensitive, interesting, creative, optimistic, funny, a person you can always talk to when you feel like, tell your deepest problems, secrets, desires, wishes, ideas and dreams. I like to make new friends, to bond with people like you, and if you want to, we can build a great relation. You can always count on me, I can be your shoulder to cry on, I can lift your mood up if you are down, I can hug with you for hours just to make sure that you know that you have someone who cares a lot about you.

In a relationship with a woman I always like to know what she wants, I like to make compromises, I always stay faithful and I cant stand cheating. I love physical contact, I am very passionate, I like to make my woman happy when it comes to sex, and sex is also a important thing in a relationship- and I am not afraid or ashamed to talk about it.

So, I am looking forward to reading your reply and I hope that you like what I wrote!
XXX Kisses
FIKAYO/ you can call me DAVID

otarikpoko, oturukpeke oooooo


  1. Nsogbu di no be small........... as in i cant shout

  2. what is he? A desperate, no get job person? lol
    At least ask for friendship first... chei!

    PS: you shouldn't have published his email addy. (just saying)