Friday, March 26, 2010

Do you ever wonder? Cos I wonda.... I just wonda

Ever wondered what Jesus was like before 30?

What kind of teenager was he? What sort of young adult was he?

We know very little of his childhood, the last we heard of him before 30 was when his parents went to the temple and lost him (even *GOD's* parent's had challenges with parenting, who then are you not to have ur share, Loll). Anyway, they found him having a chat with scholars of the temple and when he was asked where he had been all this while he said “Why are you looking for me? I’m busy with my father’s business” and his mother bought that? He sure was an interestingly bold kid. Tell that to my mother after getting her all worked up with worry looking for you, you'll explain to her with letters written with your tears what that “business” is.

Did he ever get scolded for not cleaning his room, messing up the house? I can imagine Mary screaming “Jesus, go and clean up your room, where do you think this is, a barn?” and Jesus thinking “Duuuuh (ok Jew kids those days wouldn’t sat duuuuh hehe), I was born in a manger, how dirty can this room get”.

How come no one thought of writing down anything from those vital years? C’mon people, GOD is in the building, somebody pleeeease keep a journal!

Interestingly, the next thing we hear - after the temptation (see its not just u that has to go thru temptations) - he’s at a wedding, turning WATER into WINE, can u beat that? Grooovieee Christi.

I wonder, when he was young did he fall in love with anyone (girl of course), but knowing he couldn’t encourage any such feelings because he knew he was going to die soon, how did he have to deal with loving someone he couldn’t be with? Did he get upset? What was his response as a young person to annoying situations? Seeing he died at 35, no wife, no kids what was life for him like when he wasn’t busy being GOD?

We know from the bible that he was 100% MAN and 100% GOD meaning that for him to be the perfect sacrifice he had to go through every sort of emotion, joy, love, anger, pain e.t.c.

I’ll always keep wondering but one thing I know is that it only makes me love him more knowing that derz nothing I will go through in life that he didn’t experience and he STILL came out TOPZ, meaning? I most definitely will come TOPZ too, cos he lives in me and his ability has become my abinibi (yeah, LoL, my ability).

thoughts inspired by Mark Lowry's presentation of *Mary did you know...* at the 50th NQC anniversary

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  1. "we have not an high priest that is not touched by the feelings of our infirmity" says His word. Thank God for his mercies too. Great blog. I am following you now o.
    Oya kom follow me. lol

    - LDP