Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Elected - the days ahead...

(Going through old notes on Facebook today and I'm reminded of this one... It was written on Sunday, November 9, 2008... :) Here goes...)

Dear Lord,

Your word is of no personal interpretation, it was sent to us for a purpose, let that purpose be fulfilled in our lives, let your word sink deep into our hearts bearing the fruits you desire that it bears in us, in Jesus name, Amen.

my notes on today's sermon in church. I was blessed by it and i thought to share, I pray u r blessed too


What changed for Obama right after the election when he became president-elect of the United States of America? His security was beefed up, he was briefed by the secret service intelligence agency, he has access to inside information, he’s sitting with advisers on national matters etc.. All this, after the election.

The bible talks about the physical realm being a mirror of things in the spiritual.

Now let’s see the original picture of what’s playing out here:

Rom 9:11
11 (for the children not yet being born, nor having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according election might stand, not of works but of Him who calls)

We have been elected (called) by God, we didn’t choose him, he chose us. The benefits accrued to the elected one is as follows:

- Security is beefed up, angels are assigned to minister to you and on your behalf, they are at your beck and call

- The Holy Spirit begins to reveal deep things to you; he gives you insight into matters. You relate with him as one because you understand his language as an elected one and you know when he is speaking.

It would be strange at this time for Obama to begin to worry about things like house rent, what he and his family will eat the next day, school fees for his kids e.t.c, he has no cares or worries over such matters now because they will automatically be taken care of as a result of his election. His priority now is assuming the elected post and doing the work of the office he has been elected into.

This is one elected by men…..

Imagine being elected by God, you should not begin to worry about that challenge, that sickness, that debt that….. whatever it is that brings you worry. When he called you he made a provision and all you have to do is step into the office you’ve been elected into and begin to perform the duties required, just like the bible said – seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you- get acquainted with the requirements of this office through Gods word and begin to work is supper protection and abundance. Begin to touch lives, be God’s hands of healing to a broken world.

If you have doubts that just maybe, you might not be able to function well in the calling which you’ve been elected into, have no fear, faithful is the one who called you and he’ll equip you with all that’s required for a successful time in office.

And guess what, you’ve been elected into an office that you’ll occupy throughout your life time because only you can reach your world for God.

So rejoice and take up your office and its entitlement with joy!!


  1. Love the way you broke this down. Being elected by God.
    Also useful to note when talking to Him. 😉


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