Thursday, March 15, 2012

Commitment phobia or what??!!

(hehehehehhehe, here’s more throwback thursday post. This one was written on Monday, August 11, 2008 at 11:40am… Enjoy )

Aug 9th – Chika’s wedding, Sept 6th – Nyikus’s wedding, then Jen’s, then Kachi’s, then Barbie’s then…..
Where in heaven’s name are all these people running to. Is there like some whistle blowing somewhere signalling a “Time to get married everyone” period?

Geez, it’s forever, you and him, from different backgrounds, together in one house, under the same roof, same bed sometimes; whether his fart smells like 2 weeks old rotten egg (or yours does LoL ). I hear that even if he makes you “VERY” angry in the morning and comes back home at night with a
smirk-like smile on his face ( u know how guys conveniently forget they are the reason that frown is on your face, heaven knows where they go to empty the contents of their brain) and touches you at night wanting “something”, I’m told there is no “Shakara” on that side of the fence ooo and by law it’s “OPEN SESAME” because it’s his RIGHT (KAI!!!) – and yours too when its your turn to get him upset hehehehe.

I also hear there are benefits too, you know, when it comes to decisions, 2 heads being better than one (that’s assuming his head is good and yours is too) and bills paying (for non-Ijebu immigrants).

When your mum or dad or siblings get you upset, there’s the “blood” factor that helps you wipe their slate clean because its “family”. Meeen, but this is different, this guy is aaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh. Ok, I guess when you say “I DO” there’s some supernatural power for special forgiveness that comes on you right? I hope there is such a thing ‘cos heaven knows I’m gonna need loads of it.

Then the “see finish” factor, doesn’t boredom set in at some point? when it starts looking like routine? u know the saying “monotony kills the appetite”

I hear at this point too you look for ways to rekindle the flame aye, keep the fire burining eh?

Meeeen, na work ooo.
It most certainly is not a sit-cross-leg-and-enjoy-the-show matter.
Looks like maths to me – permutation and combination.

Lord help us…… ‘cos it’s that or grow old ALONE, yikes!!


  1. definitely not a piece of cake but its worth it...

  2. Awwwww, that's nice to hear. :)